You've already heard why you should sign for HVP Gold Membership from us, but here are some choice testimonials from fellow tradespeople who have gotten the most out of their membership.

Chris Collins, Collins Plumbing & Heating

"HVP Gold Membership has many advantages. The competitions often highlight new or existing products that I wouldn’t have ordinarily thought about or come across. The Spray Safe competition is a perfect example. Such a great product; compact and easy to carry in the tools, I now keep one in my tools and one in the van...I couldn’t believe it when I found out I’d won the competition."

Alan Hulme, Alan Hulme Plumbing & Heating

"I was more than delighted to be informed that I had won the DeWalt cordless drill and their Toughsystem Radio. Already both items are well used. All I did was sign up with HVP Gold Membership. So easy. 

"Every month a selection of very useful items are offered by sponsors to readers of HVP. 

"Now I have a good read, a good listen, and a good drill." 

Andy McKibbin, A. McKibbin Heating & Plumbing

“The whole HVP Gold Membership platform is one of the easiest things I have ever done. 

"It’s so simple to sign up and to enter the prize draws.”

Lloyd Stafford, LWL Heating